Corporate Travel

We have a unique approach to the concept of ‘corporate travel’.

Of course great service, competitive pricing, streamlined reporting, expertise and advanced technology is important.  And we deliver very effectively on all of it.

It is our ‘non-corporate’ approach to corporates that sets us apart. Dealing with us a breath of fresh air. We laugh, we have fun. We absolutely love what we do and we make your experience of corporate travel a delight.

The size of your organisation makes no difference to us – a large, medium or small business. The quality and cost effective solutions we offer remain our core focus.

Our world-class self-booking tool is guaranteed to streamline your experience with us even more, and save you money. Let us show it to you.

We are very proudly a Level 2 B-BBEE contributor. We believe in transformation. We believe in South Africa. And we believe in developing our industry.

Contact us now for a quote. Our non-corporate corporate approach will make you smile so much that you will come back for more.